Faulty Cardi Fronts

wide_front2.jpg (28404 bytes)

Wide-C-front.jpg (7405 bytes)

Poor_front.jpg (11392 bytes)

Both fronts above,  left and middle, are far too wide, and far too forward on the rib cages. Both are probably short in upper arm.

These fronts are simply dysfunctional for this breed and will eventually lead to soundness and health problems.  Dog to the left also looks rather splayed in feet.

Very weak front quite untypical for a Cardi. Lacks forechest and bone. Poor feet with too much turnout.

Too_much_slant_of_pastern_S2.jpg (13520 bytes)

Knuckling_over_serious_fault_S2.jpg (7010 bytes)

shallow_chestParisienne_Safari_097.jpg (10573 bytes)

Suffers from very long pasterns, long, oval feet, and too round ribbing.

Good example of knuckling over, poor shoulder placement, and short upper arm. Pasterns too straight and weight is directly over the toes. If overworked, this dog will eventually go lame.

Another bad front, though not quite as bad as just above. You can see some prosternum, though lacks depth of brisket. Better shape of bone and foot than above.

straightfront.jpg (5488 bytes)

Short upper arm, almost upright in pastern, no projection of prosternum, lacks bone, poor feet.


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