by K and B Johnson

The dog that you are showing, or plan to show, is an excellent candidate for tracking.  There is nothing that I know of that will give your dog more pleasure for the time spent than tracking. Road-work will get you both in shape, but tracking will do it even better, and is ever so much more fun.  Any dog that is in good physical condition will show better and will present a more trim appearance in the ring.  The dog quickly learns that when it comes to tracking they are in charge, and that does wonders for developing confidence and personality that follows right over into the show ring.

We Cardi folks have ahead start on tracking because of the breed characteristics that make our little fellows ideal dogs to train.  A good Cardi has a sturdy body that was meant to travel over rugged terrain.   A good Cardi has a disposition that delights in doing work for "their people" and they will expend an amazing amount of effort toward doing a good job of the task that they are asked to perform.  A good Cardi is intelligent and is quick to pick up the training that is given. If you work with a Cardi in the right way, and not bore them with senseless repetition, you will inevitably end up with a dog that not only does the work but does it with an impressive, businesslike attitude, and with the tail "awaggin".

As breeders of fine Cardigans we should encourage our puppy purchasers to at least consider tracking as another way to get the maximum enjoyment for the time spent with their dogs. Put tracking at the top of your "to do" list, it could make a difference.

Published in the CWCCA AKC Centennial Handbook (1985.

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