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Cross-Training. Why Not Do It All?  by Barbara Miller

On The Track and in the Ring
  by K. +  B. Johnson

On the Tracking Field  by Ted Sprague

Obedience For Your Cardigan?   by Peg Hickel

Selection and Basic Obedience   by Emiline Steinbronn

Obedience: Give Your Cardigan a Chance   by Ruth Barish

Basics For Obedience and Home and Show Training  by Pat Santi

The Cardi is a dog of many talents. It can do so much more than just look good in a showring! Below are some examples of various skills that the Cardi excels in. In time we hope to elaborate on this side of the Cardi's talents and show more here.

Follow this link to see Cardis do all sorts of work.

Therapy+child+2.jpg (27922 bytes)

Therarpy+child+1.jpg (23600 bytes)

Therapy+oldie+1.jpg (23098 bytes)

Therapy -dogs bring comfort and joy to people and children with special needs.

Herding   ducks....

Herding+ducks+1.jpg (24485 bytes)

Herding+ducks+2.jpg (33351 bytes)

.........and sheep:

herding photos: copyright Sirius Photography

Herding+sheep+1.jpg (20007 bytes) Herding+sheep+2.jpg (19111 bytes)

...........and cattle:

Herding+calves+1.jpg (25753 bytes)

Herding+Calves+2.jpg (25982 bytes)

Doing obedience........

Obedience+down.jpg (18048 bytes)

Obedience+dumbell.jpg (16664 bytes)
retrieving a dumb-bell

Obedience+glove.jpg (12177 bytes)
retrieving a glove

Obedience+heel.jpg (17369 bytes)

Obedience+jump.jpg (14504 bytes)
obedience jump

Obedience+sit.jpg (15305 bytes)

Cardis also excel in Agitilty. For the humans it is good exercise and hard work, for the dogs it is never-ending fun-fun-fun!

gamlesof.jpg (20820 bytes)

AnnieWildFace.jpg (12996 bytes)

Not everything is work. Some things are just for fun:

Winter+fun+2.jpg (24008 bytes)

Winter+fun.jpg (24587 bytes)

Winter+fun+1.jpg (16481 bytes)

Flyball.jpg (20836 bytes)

Skateboard_Kane.JPG (32925 bytes)

Get outta my way !!!!!!!

Above:  A Cardi retrieving a bird. "A huntin'¨we will go...."
Left: A Cardi training "search and rescue". 

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