Rears showing Minor Faults.

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Croup looks nice length although a little steeper than preferred; Fairly low-set tail of good length; hind angulation good as shown by well turned stifle; hocks of moderately good length. However, due to the steeply set croup, the whole rear assembly looks a little rounded off and tucked under and this type of rear would possibly be restricted a little in both drive and follow-through.

Croup appears too flat with the tail set too high. Tail length appears short in this picture but could be due to wagging; angulation somewhat straight but nice length of hock.

Croup appears both flat and short, giving high tailset and a squared off look to the rear. Nice length of tail, good
angulation, hocks appear nice and short.

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Appears high in rear; nice curve to croup and tail set; moderate but adequate angulation; hocks too long.

Somewhat flattish set to croup giving high tail set (notice squared off look to rear); quite a strong looking hindquarter, moderately angulated with good bone and nice length of

Croup set slightly flat giving slightly high set to tail; moderate to good angulation but hocks too long.
Flattish set to croup giving squared off look to rear and high tail set; rear angulation good with nice hocks and good bone.

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