Faulty Cardigan Rears


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Acceptable slope to croup; thin whispy tail, set too high; rear lacking in both bone and angulation; long hocks. Acceptable croup but unable to assess tailset due to angle of this photo. Rear angulation lacks muscling and not ideal. This may be due to excessive length of upper thigh (femur) in comparison to lower thigh (tibia & fibula), the effect of this disparity worsened when in combination with long hocks.
Acceptable croup and tailset, but straight in hindangulation and is cowhocked.
Too low in proportion to the ideal size for the breed.Croup too flat high tailset; long hocks and appears cowhocked. Extreme hind angulation giving tendency to sickle hocks.

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Roached through the loin, lacking angulation; long in hock and appears to be cowhocked

Slope of croup and tailset may be acceptable but difficult to assess from this angle; short second thigh  and fine bone giving
appearance of weakness to the whole hindquarter. To add to the untypical appearance, short, fluffy and possibly soft coat would be incorrect.
Acceptable croup, tailset and hocks, but lacks rear angulation.
Steep croup, acceptable tailset; absolutely no angulation in combination with long hocks.

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Croup ,tailset and rear angu- lation appear acceptable, but deep shadows indicate something awry about this rear. Hocks too long.
Steep croup; tailset too low, giving a ‘break’ between end of croup and tail’ inadequate hind angulation giving a hyperextending or ‘popping’ left hock joint.
Croup short and set flat tailset much too high; rear lacks angulation due to short upper thigh (femur); hocks accep- table.

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