The Cardigan Welsh Corgi in Norway

The first Cardigan arrived in Norway in 1976. It was the red/white dog Int. & NordCh. Daleviz Tangerine (Daleviz Nestor x Daleviz Red Petra), born 26.09.1976, bred by Arthur Bridge in England and imported by Marcus Jonassen. He was to become the first Norwegian Champion in Norwegian ownership. As far as it is known this dog was not used in Norway before he was 10 years old, but in Sweden he sired a litter in 1980 for Margareta Widin's Cardax Kennels out of Int. & NordCh. Cardax Fleure.

D_Tangerine.JPG (27303 bytes)

Daleviz Tangerine

A year later, in 1977 Elin Refset (Cardelin), Trondheim, imported the black and white bitch Daleviz Vaida, full sister to Daleviz Tangerine, who was to become the foundation bitch of Cardelin Kennels.

01.jpg (30604 bytes)

Daleviz Monitor, Cardelin's First Annisette, Daleviz Vaida

In co-operation with Sweden's leading Cardigan breeder, Margareta Widin of Cardax Kennels, Elin Refset mated Daleviz Vaida to Margareta Widin's Sardis Sir Geraint (UK imp.) and on 19 October 1979 the first Cardigan litter in Norway was born, containing 4 puppies, among them the sable/white bitch Int. & NordCh. Cardelin's First Annisette, the first Norwegian bred and owned Cardigan to gain the title of  International champion and she was twice Cardigan of the Year 1982 and 1990.

05.jpg (56238 bytes)

Int. & NordCh. Cardelin's First Annisette

In 1980, Elin J. Refset  imported Daleviz Monitor (Asoka Morgan x Rhiwelli Bonnie Girl of Daleviz), born 21.04.1980.

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NCh. Daleviz Monitor

Until the middle of the 1980's Cardelin was the only Cardigan kennel in Norway and in co-operation with Cardax and Daleviz kennels produced many national and international champions and Elin Refset gained the prize for top winning Cardigan during the first 6 years  the prize was awarded (first time in 1981 to NCh. Daleviz Monitor).

Daleviz Vaida's second litter, born 30.08.1980, was by Int. & NordCh. Cardax Bobby-Bare, containing NCh. Cardelin's Bonnie Beefeater and NCh. Cardelin's Bonnie Bilberry.

  03.jpg (30450 bytes)      04.jpg (33171 bytes)

NCh. Cardelin's Bonnie Bilberry – NCh. Cardelin's Bonnie Beefeater

The third litter, born 02.08.1981, was sired by SCh. Cardax Diggeri with NCh. Cardelin's First Annisette and contained NCh. Cardelin's Cute Cinderella.

The fourth litter, born 25.05.1982 out of Daleviz Vaida, was sired by the black/white male NCh. Daleviz Monitor. This mating produced many winners such as N & FINCh. Cardelin's Dancing Diana, FINCh. Cardelin's Dancing Dino (exported to Finland), S & FINCh. Cardelin's Dancing Donnalinn (exported to Sweden) and NCh. Cardelin's Dancing Drucilla.

06.jpg (33995 bytes)

FINCh. Cardelin's Dancing Dino

The fifth litter, born 17.08.1983, by NCh. Daleviz Monitor out of Int. & NordCh. Cardelin's First Annisette, contained NCh. Cardelin's Endearing Eddie and NCh. Cardelin's Endearing Ero, Cardigan of the Year 1986.

After this litter, Elin Refset associated with Liv Johansen in Rena and subsequent Cardilin litters were born in Rena.

In 1983, Elin Refset imported the blue merle bitch NCh. Beckrow Blue Emmanuelle (GBCh. Wendac Jaunty x Verwood Silver Jubilee of Beckrow), born 01.04.1983, while Liv Johansen, in 1985, imported the tricolour male Beckrow Born To Star (Kerridas Ianto x Beckrow Blue Sapphire), born 28.08.1985.

On 19.10.1986 Cardelin's F-litter was born, sired by Beckrow Born To Star out of IntCh. Cardelin's Dancing Diana.

This mating was repeated for the G-litter born 11.05.1987 which produced NCh. Cardelin's Great Garlic Girl, IntCh. Cardelin's Great Gulliver, S & NCh. Cardelin's Great Goggen and NCh. Cardelin's Great Gina.

10.jpg (23600 bytes)

N & SCh. Cardelin's Great Gulliver

Cardelin's H-litter, born  22.06.1988, was sired by NCh. Cardelin's Bonnie Beefeater out of Beckrow Blue Emmanuelle.

Cardelin's I-litter, born 17.07.1989, was sired by NCh. Cardelin's Bonnie Beefeater out of Cardelin's Great Gina. Of this litter Cardelin's Icebreaking Isadora was Cardigan bitch of the Year 1994.

C_Isadora.JPG (26298 bytes)

Cardelin's Icebreaking Isadora

In 1990, Elin Refset imported N & SCh. Tengel den Gode av Trolldom (NordCh. Cardax Jeremy x NCh.Cardax Roxane), bred by Kari-Mette Sundal, Sweden. He was Cardigan of the Year 1992 and sired two litters for Bårvas kennels both with N & SCh. Bårvas Bell Ami Chevy, the first in 1990 (E-litter) and the second (F-litter) possibly in 1992.

Other imports by Cardelin kennels:

1995: Nickname's Dwight to Cardax (PL & DKCh. First Cardi Lisiura x Nickname's Randhie), a sable male (bred by Carina Sandell Widin, Sweden) who sired several litters.

1997: NCh. Kerman Special Delivery (UKCh. Corben Tri Try Again x Kerman Copper Beech at Joseter), a brindle bitch bred by Fran Fricker, England.

Cardelin's J-litter in 1998 contained only one dog puppy, Cardelin's Jason, and finally in 2000  Cardelin kennels bred the last litter (K) by Nickname's Dwight to Cardax out of NCh. Kerman's Special Delivery.

08..JPG (132745 bytes)

Cardelin's Keen Kaity

However, Cardelin's was not the only successful Norwegian kennel in breeding Cardigans. Quite a number of other breeders took up the Cardigan, some of which only bred one litter.

One of the very successful kennels who deserve mention is Bårvas established by Gunda and Jens Olden back in 1984.

Their foundation bitch was NCh. Cardelin's Cute Cinderella who had her first litter by NCh. Daleviz Monitor on 17.01.1984. The mating was repeated and on 01.04.1986 produced the very successful B-litter, containing among others NCh. Bårvas Bonso, Cardigan of the Year 1987. The C-litter by Beckrow Born to Star out of C. Cute Cinderella was born 30.11.1987.

Bårvas Kennels have bred many top winning Cardigans in Norway and a number of Norwegian and Swedish champions, e.g. NCh. Bårvas Evig Nok, Cardigan of the Year 1993, NCh. Bårvas Fia, Cardigan of the Year 1995, NCh. Bårvas Gino (IntCh. Cardelin's Great Gulliver x Bårvas Fia), Cardigan of the Year 2001, and NCh. Bårvas Hellbilly (Nicknames Dwight to Cardax x Bårvas Guri Malla) who in 2004 was Best of Group at the Vefsn all breeds show.

09.jpg (32514 bytes)   07.jpg (41294 bytes)

NCh. Bårvas Gino - NCh. Bårvas Hellbilly

Also in 1984, Teresa B. Viste registered the prefix Chatau Vov, but bred only one litter on 19.05.1984 by NCh. Cardax Jeremy out of NCh. Cardelin's Dancing Drucilla, which contained NCh. Chateau Vov's Abigail.

ChVovsAdrienne.JPG (38906 bytes)

Chateau Vov's Adrienne

In 1983, Åshild Hornberg, with the prefix Drømmen's, bred a litter on 02.08.1981 by NCh. Daleviz Monitor out of Cardelin's Cute Cherry, which contained Drømmen's Beauty Brandy.  Two years later D. Beauty Brandy had a litter by Int. & NordCh. Robgwen Jet Black, containing Drømmen's Cheri and D. Chang, born 27.08.1985

On 09.07.1986 Ragnhild Egeland bred a litter by Int. & NordCh. Daleviz Tangerine out of Bårvas Angharad, which contained NCh. Vaida, Cardigan of the Year 1988.

Vaida.JPG (26396 bytes)

NCh. Vaida

On 10.10.1988, Kristin Brekke bred a litter by Cardax Rodric out of NCh. Chateau Vov's Abigail.

On 01.06.1989, Carin E. Marcussen bred a litter by SCh. Cardax Rawlff out of NCh. Vaida.

In 1991 Kari B. Lysholm bred a litter of 2 puppies by IntCh. Cardelin's Great Gulliver out of  NCh. Cardelin's Happy Heddy, one of them, NCh. Andy Poden til Hedda, was Cardigan dog of the Year 1995, 1996, 1997.

1994 heralded a great comeback for the Cardigan in Norway when Ingrid Prytz Ohm imported the brindle bitch Avena (SCh. Cardwyn Hynoon x SCh. Frameworks Beatrice), born 14.01.1994 and bred by Annika Odh in Sweden. Ingrid Prytz Ohm and her husband Per Morten Aarak registered the prefix All Trade in 1996 and the following year the first Cardigan litter was born. Avena had only one litter (by MultiCh. Deavitte Oakleaf) but she was Norway's top winning Cardigan for three consecutive years 1997, 1998 and 1999 and was 1st of her class at the World Show 1998 in Helsinki.

Avena.jpg (23794 bytes)

NCh. Avena

From this first litter Ingrid Prytz Ohm retained two puppies as the foundation stock of All Trade's very successful breeding of Cardigans.

In 1995, All Trade imported the brindle bitch Nicknames Daughter to Cardax (litter sister to Nicknames Dwight to Cardax) who was mated to MultiCh. Corben Tri For The Top and produced a litter on 06.02.1999, containing All Trade Cactus, dam of S & N Ch. All Trade Gravytrain, NCh. AT Glory Halleluja, NCh AT Good Gracious and PLCh. AT Galaxy.


Brage.jpg (30637 bytes)   Frost.JPG (35441 bytes)

NCh. All Trade Fire Engine – S & NCh. All Trade Gravytrain

With imports from the associate kennels Yardican (Finland) and Cardiridge (USA) such as

1998: NCh Yardican Llawen (FIN & SCh. Deavitte Oakleaf x FINCh. Faydom Sparkling Moonstone), born 1997

2003: NCh. Yardican Cardiridge Eri Epeli (AmCh. Pluperfect Garmis Peerless x Indovans Belinda), born 2001

2005: AmCh. Yardican US Edition (AmCh Spectrum Harlem Shuffle x FIN & NCh. Yardican Lledrith), born 1999

All Trade has produced many successful litters and puppies have been exported to both Europe and the United States.

Buddy.JPG (47131 bytes)   Oscar.JPG (38028 bytes)

NCh. Yardican Cardiridge Eri Epeli – NCh. Bilbao Silversmyth Of Oz

In 2002, All Trade imported from England the tricolour bitch Thamesmere Breakaway at Gowerston (Joseter Doublewood x Gowerston Christmas Carol).

The same year, All Trade imported the first Cardigan from Australia, the 4 months old blue merle dog puppy Bilbao Silversmyth of Oz (Am. &Aus.GrandCh. Banyan Gandalfthegrey Okekai x AusCh. Kerris Cool Breeze) bred by Judith McNay. In 2004 he gained the Norwegian champion title and was Cardigan of the Year.

By now Ingrid Prytz Ohm has gained international reputation. She is the leading breeder of Cardigans in Norway and has produced many champions both in Norway and abroad as well as Cardigans that excel in obedience, tracking and agility.

Since All Trade's establishment in 1996 the kennel has 6 times either bred or owned the Cardigan of the Year while Cardelin's kennels gained this title 10 times with either homebred or imported Cardigans and both kennels have received many prizes .

In 1999, Anne Indergaard, breeder of Pembroke Corgis with the prefix Annwn, imported Floatin' Ynysddu (Magdor Sir Echo x NLCh. Floatin' Sara Saran) from the Netherlands and mated her to UK & NCh. Tamlin King Solomon  (Ch. Lanchester Statesman – Joseter Regal at Tamlin), owned and bred by Thelma Taylor, UK.  The litter was born 19.07.2001. Ynysddu became both S & NCh. and Cardigan of the Year 2000 before returning to her breeder, Phil Bitter, together with her daughter Annwn Sweet Salome.

Ynus.JPG (29236 bytes)

Int., NL, N & SCh. Floatin' Ynysddu

In 2001, Ingvild Ruud Lie of Immes Kennels imported Gusigan's Indra Linblå (Yardican US Navigator – SCh. Yardican Silver Light) from Sweden and in 2002, Newcard's Joyleaf (MultiCh. Badagri Kiwi Fanfare – FINCh. Geestland's Done for Newcard). On 03.08.2004 Joyleaf had her first litter of 8 puppies by NCh. Bilbao Silversmyth of Oz.

Joyleaf.JPG (34397 bytes)

Newcard's Joyleaf, 9 months

In 2004, Hanne Tvestad, breeder of Pembroke Corgis with the prefix Cymar, imported Tamlin's Frans Hals (NLCh. Floatin' Yoker Yip x Kerman Interesting Times at Tamlin) from England.

On account of the small Cardigan population in Norway a responsible breeding programme could not have taken place without regular imports. From 1976-1998 only 150 Cardigans were registered with the Norwegian Kennel Club.

Today there are three active breeders of  Cardigans: All Trade, Bårvas and Immes of which All Trade kennels is by far the most active. In 2004, a total of 16 Cardigans were registered.

The Norwegian Welsh Corgi Club (NWCK) was founded and recognized by the NKK in 1971 and caters for both Corgi breeds. The aim of the Club is to encourage the contact between the Corgi breeders in the Nordic countries for the benefit of the breeds and to engage non-breeders in activities. The Club arranges numerous social gatherings throughout Norway as well as shows.

The NWCK recommends that the eyes of bitches are examined before each mating and for stud dogs once a year. None of the Cardigans in Norway were found to be affected by PRA. Carriers may be bred under special circumstances but all progeny from such a mating has to be DNA-tested.


The NWCK publishes a newsletter "Corgipost" 4 times a year and holds an annual party for the members.

Members: about 300.


Norway is a member of the FCI.


Linn Refset Krumsvik

April 2005

Edited and translated by Anita Nordlunde


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