The Cardigan Welsh Corgi in Germany

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Rowbarge Delaney

The first Cardigan Corgi to be registered in the Stud Book of the Club für britische Hütehunde (British Herding Dogs) was Rowbarge Delaney (Rozavel Galawnt – Bronze Merit) born 27.11.66 (ZBrH 1).

Actually, the very first Cardigan to be registered was the tricolour dog Rozavel Gwenhope (Rozavel Trecun Stanhope – Rozavel Blue Sky) born 23.10.63 and bred by Thelma Gray, England. But he was mistakenly registered as a Pembroke in 1967 (ZBrH 96).

Rowbarge Delaney was a big tricolour dog who had been left behind by a member of the British occupation army and was rescued from an animal shelter by Werner Berges in Münster. Mr Berges was also the owner of the Dutch bred Amiable Schira of the Royal Dog  (ZBrH 2), a small and rather fragile red and white bitch born 30.03.73 by Llanarth Ifor out of Lovely Anja v.d. Besthemer Molen. From this odd pair Werner Berges bred the first Cardigan litter (A) in Germany. The 4 dogs and 2 bitches born 19.09.74 were registered with the affix zur Coermühle. Mr Berges repeated the mating in 1975 (B-litter, 9 puppies) and 1976 (C-litter, 8 puppies). 

Also in 1974, Margarethe von Soest, a breeder of Old English Sheepdogs in East-Friesland with the affix von Casa Ursae, bred a single Cardigan litter by Rowbarge Delaney (ZBrH 3) out of Downholme Pride of the Dale (Downholme Johnie Boy – Downholme Enchantress), both UK imports.

Downholme Red Dragon & Downholme Pride Of The Dale

Ch. Beckrow Best Of All

The German breeder who so far has bred the greatest number of Cardigan Corgis is Helga Beddig, Alsfeld. From 1976-1992 she registrered 23 litters with the affix aus Cingkarlad. Her foundation bitch was Alice-Rozavel zur Coermühle from Mr Berges' first litter, and her red and white import Downholme Red Dragon  (Ch. Winsdown Blue Disc of Robgwen – Downholme Beaulah) born 17.03.73 (ZBrH 3) was used extensively at stud. In 1983, in order to introduce some new blood, Helga Beddig imported the black and white dog Beckrow Best of All (Ch. Wendac Jaunty – Beckrow Blue Gardinia) born 08.02.83. "James" was a very successful show dog and quickly gained many titles. He was also used at stud by other breeders.

 One of the early Cardigan breeders who deserves mention is the late Dr. Ilse Koch, Zewen. From 1980 – 1991 she bred 5 litters with the affix vom Voerder Ländchen. Her foundation bitch was the red and white Bessy von Casa Ursae  (Rowbarge Delaney – Downholme Pride of the Dale). Sadly Dr. Koch and her sister Edith Hermann, who bred two Cardigan litters with the affix vom Römerstädtchen, lost 3 brood bitches by poisening on one and the same day during Easter 1986. For many years, Dr. Koch was the breed representative in Germany.

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Elka zur Haskenau

 From 1979 – 1988 Hans and Brigitte Schewior, Münster, bred 9 litters with the affix zur Haskenau.   Their foundation bitch was Bianka-Rozavel zur Coermühle (Rowbarge Delaney – Amiable Schira of the Royal Dog).

From 1982 – 1988 Gabriele Müller, Ottweiler, bred 5 litters with the affix vom Haus Fuchs. Her foundation bitch was Afra von der Müncher Peripherie (Downholme Red Dragon x Chika-Rozavel zur Coermühle) which was twice mated to Ch. Robgwen Something Special (Holland) and once to Alki aus der Schwebebahnstadt. The other two litters were by Alki out of   Britta vom Haus Fuchs.

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Alki aus der Schwebebahnstadt   -    Afra von der Münchner Peripherie  -   Britta vom Haus Fuchs

owner: Gabriele Müller, "vom Haus Fuchs".

 Ursula Lehmann in Munich bred 5 litters from 1979 – 1993 with the affix von der Münchner Peripherie. Her foundation bitch was Chika-Rozavel zur Coermühle which had 3 litters. The last two litters were out of Chica v.d. Matten (bred by Mr Stöckli in Switzerland).

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Bintje zur Emsfähre

 From 1986 – 2001, Mrs Tennie, Rheine, bred 9 litters with the affix zur Emsfähre. Her foundation bitch was Elka zur Haskenau (Ch. Robgwen Something Special – Ascha zur Haskenau). 

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Ch. Dorle zur Emsfähre  -   Elka zur Emsfähre

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Dennis zur Emsfähre

 From 1987 – 1993, Doris Düwel bred 11 litters with the affix Jolly Cardis and  from 1994 – 1995 3 litters with the affix "Faydom". Her foundation bitch was Adda vom Galloway Yard (Ali aus Cingkarlad – Emy vom Voerder Ländchen).  In 1995, Mrs Düwel moved to Finland where she continued to breed Cardigans with the affix of Faydom.

 In 1999, Dr. Heiko Delorme, Ochtrup started breeding Cardigans with the affix vom Bökerhook. His foundation bitch was Fairground Black Magic Angie (Royal Corgis Alien – Jolly Cardis Blue Jaunty Jane). Until 2001, 4 litters were registered.

Fairground_A.jpg (25080 bytes)

Fairground A-litter. Breeders: Jürgen & Edda Baldauf

 The breeding of Cardigans in Germany was greatly influenced by dogs from the Netherlands, namely:

Ch. Lees Black Berry, Imp.UK (Rozavel Merioneth – Ch. Lees Rhiwelli Blue Ray)

Ch. Robgwen Something Special, Imp. UK (Ch. Winsdown Blue Disk of Robgwen – Robgwen Pride of Place)

Ch. Finnshavn the Exciseman, Imp.Canada (Ch. Finnshavn Whiskey Tax – Ch. Medwyn la Belle Canadienne)

Ch. Elmo The Dog's Cabaret (Ch. Corgi's Ecco – Daisy The Dog's Cabaret)

 Between 1972 – 2001 a total of 631 puppies from 197 litters were raised. During the same period 15 dogs and 23 bitches were imported. The greatest number of  puppies - 51 from 9 litters - were registered in 1986. Since then, registrations have gone up and down with 36 puppies from 6 litters in 2001. At present it seems that the Cardigan's popularity in Germany is rising.

 In 2002, the first speciality show for Cardigan and Pembroke Corgis took place in Bad Salzhausen. Judge: Joy Tonkyn, England.


Breeding selection:


The minimum requirements for breeding are:

HD-status A or B, for bitches also C

Two show results from two different judges with the grading: "excellent" or "very good", for bitches also "good".

No eye tests are required for Cardigans.


while the following is recommended:

HD-status: A

Eye examination from the age of eight months: free of all hereditary eye diseases.

Correct bite and complete set of teeth

Show results: two "excellents" from two different judges

 The German Cardigan breeders have reached an agreement that breeding stock is analysed for PRA in case the dog/bitch is not hereditarily clear.

 Germany is a member of the FCI and the Club für britische Hütehunde founded in 1889 keeps the Stud Book for both Welsh Corgi breeds since in 1961.



Werner Tennie, Rheine, October 2003

English translation: Anita Nordlunde, January 2004 -  Revised 28.03.2006






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