The Cardigan Welsh Corgi in Denmark

As far as can be ascertained, the first Cardigan Corgis came to Denmark in 1971 when Mrs Ragna Lemkov bought two red dogs from Mr J.H. Jones, England, Dilwel Uncle Solo and Dilwel Tony's Lad.  Sadly Tony's Lad died quite young and was succeeded by Dilwel Gwili who died in 1986 at the age of 15 years.

Dilwel_Cardis.JPG (31460 bytes)

Dilwel Uncle Solo and Dilwel Tony's Lad

Breeding started first in 1976, when a total of 21 Cardigans were registered, made up of 3 litters and one import. The first foundation stock did, however, not come from England but from Holland.

In 1975 Mrs Emma Wildfang imported two blue merles bitches, Donro's Cassandra and Donro's Cleopatra, litter sisters by Ch. Pooh of the Green Beret and Ch. Winnie, bred by J.H.P. Donath-Cocheret in Holland. They were both mated to Ch. Lees Black Berry (Rozavel Merioneth – Lees Rhiwelli Blue Ray) in Holland. On 17 February 1976 Cassandra whelped 10 puppies, among them Makari who was to become the first Danish Cardigan champion. Two days later, on 19 February 1976, later Cleopatra had 7 puppies. 

Donro's Cassandra

Makari_1.JPG (42372 bytes)                    Medea.JPG (12652 bytes)

Ch. Makari (Donro's Cleopatra with back to camera), with his breeder Emma Wildfang, and his litter sister Ch. Medea from the first Cardigan litter born in Denmark

The third litter of 3 puppies was born 18 June 1976. Breeder was Hanne Eiken who in 1974 imported the tricolour bitch Wee Duchess of the Green Beret (Cymro's Huzaar – Tragywydd Mandy of the Green Beret) from Mrs M.N. v. Gelderen-Parker in Holland. The sire of the puppies was Donro's Blue Devil, full brother to Cleopatra and Cassandra, imported by Hanne Eiken in the spring of 1976.

These 4 Cardigans and their offspring were to form the basis of Danish Cardigan breeding in the following years.

In October 1977 Wee Duchess had another litter by Blue Devil, which contained the blue merle bitch Shivas Coy of Devil's Bridge, one of Karen Nielsen's foundation bitches. Wee Duchess was then passed on to Per Tjeen who bred another litter from her in 1978. A bitch from this litter, Ch. Bunny, was bought by Hedvig Schmidt who bred two litters from her, one containing Mikkel, the first Cardigan to gain the title of Danish Obedience Champion.

Karen Nielsen (Sankt-Cardis) started breeding Cardigans in 1978 when her tricolour bitch Ch. Medea (from Cassandra's first litter) had a litter of puppies by the German bred, red Adschy Rozavel-zur Coermühle (Rowbarge Delaney – Amiable Schira of the Royal Dog). This mating was repeated in 1979. The same year Karen Nielsen imported a brindle dog from Holland, Lesley v.d. Besthmerberg. She also took over Wee Duchess who had her last litter in 1981 by Ch. Sankt-Cardis Bram, a grandson after Lees Black Berry and Donro's Cassandra.

So far the breeding of Cardigans in Denmark had mainly been dominated by Dutch dogs but the 1980's saw a number of new Cardigan breeders who started to turn towards the UK and Sweden for imports.

- In 1980 Marianne Jensen and Kim V. Nielsen (Hashfan) registered a litter by Lesley v.d. Besthmerberg out of Sankt-Cardis Alea and at the end of the same year, they imported a brindle pointed tricolour puppy dog from Sweden, Ch. Cardax Jefferson (Daleviz Tangerine – Cardax Fleure) bred by Margareta Widin, and which was to become an important stud dog.

C_Jefferson.JPG (33583 bytes)

Ch. Cardax Jefferson

Alea.JPG (31133 bytes)

Sankt Cardis Alea

At the age of 8 years, Alea joined the elderly Mrs Lemkov who had lost her last Cardigan (Dilwel Gwili).  Alea outlived her mistress by 2 years and died at the age of   15 years.

- Laila Bech, now Laila Aggerholm (Mosegaarden) with the foundation bitches Ch. Sankt-Cardis Blue Isabella (first litter in 1984 by the Dutch Ch. Bacchus v.'t Ravenest) and Sankt-Cardis Janna;

- The late Helle Horne Hylleborg (kennel Corgis, now owned by her widower Hans Jørgen Hansen) with the foundation bitch Ch. Hashfan Parvoline Plaz (first litter in 1986 by Greg's Boy of Robgwen);

- The late Eva Blaabjerg (Glendower) with her two bitches Sankt-Cardis Judy (first litter in 1986 by Ch. Cardax Jefferson) and Rhiwelli Mountain Pride (UK imp.). In 1987 she also imported Elektryon v.'t Ravenest (NL imp.);

- Lisa Taanquist (Lisa, now Avonaire) with the foundation bitch Mosegaarden's Camilla (first litter in 1987 by Ch. Makari);

- Erik & Ilse Faarup (Faarup) with the foundation bitch Mosegaarden's Blue Candie (first litter in 1988 by Ch. Hashfan Xakki).

- Aase & Kaj Therkelsen (Birkebakkens) with the foundation bitch Bitte, bred by Helle Horne Hylleborg (first litter in 1990 by Ch. Nickname's Practical Joke).

One of the top winning Cardigans of the 80's was the brindle dog Ch. Greg's Boy of Robgwen (Ch. Robgwen Gregson – Wendac Special Jubilee Girl of Gretfran) bred by Margaret Ash and imported by Anita Nordlunde in 1981, but despite his success in the show ring he was only sparingly used at stud. Among his offspring are Ch. Elgin  (bred by Hanne Kratholm out of Nørreløkkes Ginnie, bred by Emma Wildfang) and Ch. Alexis (bred by Helle Horne Hylleborg out of Hashfan Parvoline Plaz).

GregsBoy.JPG (26627 bytes)

Ch. Greg's Boy of Robgwen

Another very successful UK import (1984) was the brindle pointed tricolour bitch, Ch. Bymil Blackberry (Lees Cockade – Lees Blue Rose of Bymil) bred by Sarah Taylor and owned by Marianne Jensen. When shown in the Veteran classes she could still beat her younger competitors. She had only one litter in 1990 by Glendower Buandroed Blueblaidd.

B_Blackberry.JPG (23503 bytes)

Ch. Bymil Blackberry

Towards the end of the 80's the Cardigan Corgi gained in popularity in Denmark and more dogs from the UK and Sweden were imported.

- In 1988, Hans Jørgen Hansen (Corgis) imported   Smultronbackens Allan Lad (Antoc Mercury – Cardax Nadja) from Ulla Staaf, Sweden while Ilse and Erik Faarup imported Nickname's Practical Joke (Cardax Mac Redish – Cardax Polyanna) from Carina Sandell-Widin, Sweden.

S_Allan_Lad.jpg (32284 bytes)            Nicknames_Joke.JPG (31393 bytes)

Ch. Smultronbackens Allan Lad                                                   Ch. Nickname's Practical Joke

- In 1993, Ilse and Erik Faarup imported Ch. Marco av Trolldom (Cardax Jeremy – Cardax Roxane) bred by Kari Mette Sundal, Sweden and in 1994 Ch. First Cardi Lisiura (Smultronbackens Douglas – Framework's Amanda) bred by Miroslaw Redlicki, Poland.

marco.jpg (31866 bytes)

Ch. Marco av Trolldom

- In 1995 and 1997 followed two U.K. imports, Ch. Beckrow Beg To Differ (Antoc Gabriel of Grangefield – Rikarlo Annjka), bred by the late Sandra Tonkyn and owned by Lis Møller and Kim V. Nielsen (Blondies) and Ch. Kerman Air Mail (Corben Tri Try Again – Kerman Copper Beech at Joseter) bred by Fran Fricker and owned by Ilse and Erik Faarup.

K_Airmail.JPG (24918 bytes)

Ch. Kerman Air Mail

- In 2000, Aase and Kaj Therkelsen (Birkebakken) imported Nickname's Bestman to Cardax (Trendwydd Silver Wizard – Nickname's Colombine to Cardax) bred by Carina Sandell-Widin, Sweden.

- In 2001, Lis Møller and Kim V. Nielsen imported Ch. Geestland's Kokomo (Trailwyn Overnight Express – Geestland's Fave Rave), bred by Heli Hirsikangas, Finland, while Ilse and Erik Faarup imported Ch. Tyhjätaskun Cadillac (Newcard's Fourwheeldrive – Geestland's's Empty Pocket), bred by Henni Sittanen, Finland, and who sadly died only 2 years old.

G_Kokomo.jpg (29234 bytes)   cadillac.jpg (30777 bytes)

Ch. Geestland's Kokomo                                    –                         Ch. Tyhjätaskun Cadillac

All these dogs are Danish champions and several of them have gained additional titles. Ch. Beckrow Beg To Differ in particular has had a fantastic show career with both Group wins and Best in Show placings at all breed shows and he has also produced many winners, among them the notable Ch. Blondie's Noble Man the first foreign bred and owned Cardigan to gain the title of UK champion.

B_BegToDiffer.JPG (26326 bytes)     B_Noble_Man.JPG (29381 bytes)

Ch. Beckrow Beg To Differ and his son Ch. Blondie's Noble Man

During the same period the following bitches were imported:

- Cardax Ynni (Cardax Rhydian – Cardax Roxane), owned by Ilse and Erik Faarup and Cardax Freesia (Diggiz Baltazar – Cardax Daphne ), owned by Hanne Madsen (Rundhøj), both bred by Margareta Widin, Sweden;

- Baileswood Christyn (Rikarlo Auran – Gwenlais Glesni Glasur at Baileswood), bred by S.A. Bailes, England and owned by Hanne Madsen;

- Willowglen Silver Sequin (Beckrow Blue Cedar – Willowglen Silver Clover), bred by Joy Tonkyn, England and owned by Marianne Jensen;

W_Sequin.JPG (25764 bytes)

Willowglen Silver Sequin

- Ch. Beckrow Be My Guest At Grangefield (Antoc Gabriel of Grangefield – Rikarlo Annjka), litter sister to Beckrow Beg To Differ, imported in whelp by Beckrow Beau Venture (Willowglen Silver Cavalier – Willowglen Simply Stunning) and Ch. Beckrow Beam Me Up To Powdermill (Beckrow Be My Hope – Beckrow be My Guest at Grangefield), both bred by the late Sandra Tonkyn, England and owned by Lis Møller and Kim V. Nielsen (Blondie's);


B_BeamMeUp.jpg (30165 bytes)    B_BeMyGuest_Grangefield.jpg (31625 bytes)

Ch. Beckrow Beam Me Up at Powdermill                                  Ch. Beckrow Be My Guest at Grangefield

- Ch. Bazalka Corlan Gi (Beckrow Beg To Differ – Branwen Lisiura), owned by Joan Rogers (Smarties), and Amara Corlan Gi (Beckrow Beg To Differ – Bryn Mawr Lisiura), owned by Anette Erdmann (Lærkegaarden),  both bred by L. Cerma, Czech Rep.;

- Ch. Geestland's Hope of   Hashfanny (Blondie's Gilbert O'Sulllivan – Geestland's Balmy Mackinlay), bred by Heli Hirsikangas, Finland and owned by Marianne Jensen.

Hashfanny.JPG (37036 bytes)

Ch. Geestland's Hope of Hashfanny

All these imports have contributed substantially to improve the overall quality of the Danish Cardigans and Danish breeders have exported puppies to a number of countries where they have done extremely well.

Recent imports of both dogs and bitches, who either have not yet been bred or only recently have produced a litter, came from the following kennels: Nickname, Sweden; Tyhjätaskun, Finland; Beckrow, England; Kerman, England

From 1976 – July 2004, a total of 1'256 Cardigans have been registered with the Danish Kennel Club.

After the Danish docking ban was effective from 1 September 1991 Pembroke registrations started to decline while Cardigan registrations increased. However, in later years registrations  are more balanced again.

Breeding regulations:

Matings of blue merle to blue merle are not allowed and all breeding stock must be DNA tested for PRA and found to be normal or to be hereditarily clear. In addition, breeding stock must be examined once for cataract, minimum age: 9 months.

Since 1 September 1991 the removal of dew claws is banned by Danish law.

The Danish Welsh Corgi Club, catering for both Pembroke and Cardigan Corgis, was founded on 7 May 1974. Prior to this date the Corgis were catered for by the Danish Club for Spitz Breeds. Although Denmark is a member of the FCI the Danish Kennel Club had its own breed group system and the Corgis formerly belonged to Group A (Spitz breeds). First in 1994 Denmark adopted the breed group system of the FCI and the Corgis were moved to Group 1 (sheep dogs and cattle dogs) where they rightly belong.

Members: about 300.

The Club has many activities and arranges its own Club shows. A newsletter in Danish is sent out 4 times a year.

At present, there are about 16 Danish Cardigan breeders, the majority of them based in Jutland.

Denmark is a member of the FCI.

Erik Faarup and Anita Nordlunde

September 2004

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