History of Cardigans in the Czech Republic

In 1990, Ivana Jakubcova and Dr. Jitka Pacltova, Pembroke kennel z Neustejna, imported the first Cardigan to Czechoslovakia.  It was the tricolour bitch Morgan Egger-Mokronog (Dennis zur Emsfähre x Elka vom Haus Fuchs) bred by Josef and Nada Egger. Morgan gained the title of Czech Champion but was never bred.

Morgan_a.JPG (25912 bytes)

Ch. Morgan Egger-Mokronog

Lenka and Pavel Cerni (Corlan Gi) imported from Poland two red bitches, Bryn Mawr and Branwen Lisiura (Smultronbackens Douglas x Birkebakken's Hopeful Havanna). They were both mated to Beckrow Beg to Differ and produced Corlan Gi's A and B-litter.


Branwen_Lisiura.JPG (35601 bytes)   Bryn Mawr Lisiura.JPG (37489 bytes)

Ch. Branwen Lisiura    -  Bryn Mawr Lisiura

In 2003, Branwen had a litter by Caesar v. Bökerhook (Germany) and also Bryn Mawr had a litter by him in January 2004. One red bitch, Demi Sec Lisiura Corlan Gi, will be going to the kennel Lisiura in Poland.

Andre_Aram_CorlanGi.JPG (32078 bytes)

Andre & Aram Corlan Gi

There was one more import from Poland, i.e. Tifatina-Lisiura Controversia (Ch. Joseter Oban x Cudka Lisiura z Anegdoty).

Miroslaw Redlicki, Lisiura Corgis, Poland

February 2004

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