Influential American Dams

by Cathryn Ochs-Cline

It is far more difficult to assess the producing impact of a bitch than a dog. Most bitches must be evaluated on the basis of only a few progeny. Occasionally a bitch's impact may be recognized during her breeding life, but more usually it can only be seen in hindsight. The following list contains both examples.

Ch. Dean's Petunia of Tamerlane (by Ch. Brymore's Taliesin). This brindle bitch is behind two of the more important bitches of modern times, Ch. Winstonwil Tinkerbelle and Win-stonwil Pluperfect Plum. Both these bitches were sired by Sir Winston of Bealehouse. Tinkerbelle produced Winstonwil Tigger, CDX, who produced Ch. Davenitch Shiloh Luca. Plum, bred to Winstonwil the Talisman produced Ch. Pluperfect Primrose. Primrose produced two well known litters by Ch. Kennebec Ice Anchor, which included: Ch. Pluperfect Pegasus of Cymro, Ch. Pluperfect Peace Rose, Ch. Pluperfect Primate, Ch. Pluperfect Princeling, Ch. Pluperfect Princess Rose, and Ch. Pluperfect Picnic in the Park. The strong inbreeding to Ch. Brymore's Taliesin, when outcrossed to Ch. Kennebec Ice Anchor was the foundation of all of the above dogs. From amongst these bitches, Ch. Pluperfect Peace Rose and Ch. Davenitch Shiloh Luca have proven to be important producers themselves, as well as top show dogs. Ch. Pluperfect Primate sired Ch. Davenitch Peer of Pluperfect, forming a strong-producing dog line.

Ch. Rhydowen Hellzapoppin, by Ch. Swansea Good Nite x H.R. Sweet Touch of Swansea, CD, was the culmination of many years of Rhydowen breeding. Her litter sister Hex'um Baby set records for her time in the show ring, while Hellzapoppin set records in the whelping box. Through her daughter, Ch. Kennebec Kate of Rhydowen, she is the grandam of Kennebec Ice Anchor. Once again note that this is the combination of a heavily concentrated bloodline with an outcross which produced the influential stud in Link (Kennebec Ice Anchor). Hellzapoppin is also the dam of Ch. Rhydowen Little Beau Pup, Best of Breed at the 1988 National Specialty. Although Hellzapoppin was best known for her producing ability, she did come out of retirement to win Best of Breed at the Delaware Valley Specialty from the Veterans class.

Ch. Phi's Amazing Grace ap Ronel by Ch. Tessaract Pete of Santana, CD x Phi's Fortune Teller. During her short show campaign, this little bitch won Best of Breed at the Canadian National at her first show and the BOS at the Del Val Specialty her first time out as a special, finishing in 6 shows in between. Quickly retired to the whelping box, she produced group placers in each of her 5 litters, with a total of 13 Champions. Hilly was the result of intense line-breeding on Ch. Eastwyn Miss Friendly, but some of her best progeny have been produced in outcross breeding. Probably best known for her son Ch. Phi-Vestavia Nautilus, and her daughter, Ch. Phi-Vestavia Original Sin, CD her progeny are noted for their driving movement, one of Miss Friendly's strongest attributes.

Ch. Kentwood Lyneth by Ch. Downholme Silver Sand of Joseter x Ch. Kentwood Bethan. Despite hating the show ring, this mahogany brindle bitch was BOS at the 1988 National Specialty and Honorable Mention to Breed at the 1990 Specialty. She only had three litters, producing 11 champions, including Am/Can. Ch. Phi-Vestavia Luck Be A Lady HC, Am/Can. Ch. Phi-Vestavia Pirate's Patch, Am/Can. Ch. Phi-Vestavia Cardach Aeron and his sisters Ch. Phi-Vestavia Aynweth and Ch. Phi-Vestavia Ajolynne. Interestingly, Lyneth's greatest influence is seen through her grandchildren. Known for her breed type and exquisite headpiece, Lyneth passed these on to her descendants. Not known for her strength of temperament, she nevertheless has produced children and grandchildren of impeccable temperament, and some of the top working Cardigans in the obedience and herding arenas today. Lyneth's oldest daughter, Suki, is herself proving to be an outstanding producer with 10 champions and many still in the ring today. Suki's son by Eng. Ch. Joseter Joson, Ch. Phi-Vestavia Evan Evans, is already turning heads both as a show and stud dog. It will be interesting to see if this family breeds on.

Ch. Vestavia's Molly D. Mahoney, CD by Ch. Brymore's Wildfire x Ch. Bobwyn Foxie Lady of Brymore. Molly climaxed her successful show career by going BOS at the Canadian National in 1988. Strongly inbred/linebred on the same breeding as Ch. Brymore's Taliesin (Wildfire is out of Ch. Brymore's Ceridwyn - Taliesin's litter sister and Foxie Lady is a repeat of the Taliesin breeding). Owned and cherished by Pam Allen, Molly's progeny heavily influenced Chimera, Redbud, Kingsbury and Fine Creek. Her first champion, Phi's Gabby was Ed McGough's last dog. Her most famous descendant is Ch. Kingsbury's Carbon Copy who is heavily linebred on Molly. Molly was always noted for her stunning outline and dead level topline, attributes she passed on to her 8 champion children from 3 litters.

Ch. Jason's Bijou, CD by Ch. Vestavia's Juggernaut x Ch. Buck Creek's Bronwen. The foundation of Springshire Kennels, this lovely blue bitch is the product of intense linebreeding on established brindle bloodlines! Her pedigree shows a strong dose of Ch. Twinroc Caesar's Cadet through his progeny Ch. Checkmate's Bounty Hunter, Ch. Cardrew Reddy Teddy and Ch. Quick's Charlemagne. Bijou possesses a typey outline, good shoulders and topline and a pretty head. A multiple group placer in the show ring, her most important contributions came from the whelping box. Bijou produced 3 litters to two different studs for a total of 12 champions. Her blue daughter Ch. Springshire's Carrousel won Best of Breed at the 1993 National Specialty. Her late son, Ch. Springshire's Jumping Jack, is proving to be an important sire of blues. With Bijou's gregarious personality and ring successes we have seen a renewed interest in blues and blue breeding as many of her children and grandchildren have proven to be popular winners.

Ch. Jelane's Windrift Samantha by Ch. Trefren Black Jack x Ch. Georgian Court Briallen. The foundation of the late Ann and Jerry Orht's Megwyn Kennels, she produced Ch. Megwyn's Nighthawk, Ch. Megwyn's Rowdy Roadrunner and Ch. Davenitch Megwyn Curigwen, Ch. Zircon's Yolanda of Megwyn, and Ch. Megwyn's Cross Country Girl. Curigwen was bred to Ch. I Am Chandler's Moses to produce Ch. I Am Davenitch Mosette, who in turn produced top producing sons, Ch. Davenitch Peer of Pluperfect and Ch. Davenitch Sandpiper, as well as daughter, Ch. Davenitch Summer Tempest, dam of Ch. Tempest Classy Chassis. Yolanda is the foundation of Zircon Kennels producing National Specialty Best of Opposite Ch. Zircon's Bobby Socks, Ch. Zircon Popstar of Pluperfect (an important producing bitch for Chandler) and Ch. Zircon Jack of Hearts, among others. Her influence is solidly behind the success of Davenitch, Megwyn, Zircon, Chandler and Sisterwood.

If I have forgotten any other important bitches, I apologize. The above bitches form a consor-tium of top winning and top producing Cardigans. Although there are other top winners out there, some come from lines that are not as influential or as well established. Only time will tell if these new lines will produce significant bloodlines of their own.

Published in the CWCCA 1994 Handbook and reproduced with the kind permission of the author.

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