Female   Date of Birth: August 18 - 2000

Breeders: Pat Mann & Neila Gelvin, USA,   Owner: Tamara Pitre, Canada   e-mail:


Am.Ch. Windshyre's Personna Homegrown Pluperfect Patriot Am.Ch. Pluperfect Princeling
Am.Ch. Pluperfect Pegotty
Am.Ch. Windshyre's Carrie Nation Am.Ch. Pluperfect Garvins Peerless
Am.Ch. Sisterwoods Serendipity
Sisterwoods Angel 'Disquise Am.Ch. Larchmonts Tiger 'N Disquise Am.Ch. Spectrum Huff of Larchmont
Am.Ch. Sisterwood's Pteri Tiger
Am.Ch. Sisterwood Happy Angel Wings Am.Ch. Zircon Jack of Hearts
Chandler's Her Roy'l Happiness


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