Pembroke and Cardigan what is the difference?

It is always difficult to answer this question; there are several obvious physical differences but there is also one pertaining to the character and temperament which is more difficult to describe and which will probably not be noticed unless you owe both breeds. In my own kennel I have had Pembrokes for more than 30 years and Cardigans for 15 years and I find that the Cardigan in many ways is the more sensible and more intelligent of the two although I am sure other breeders may not agree with me. I find that the Cardigan is quick to learn and he appears to be obedient by instinct. It is, of course, desirable that they all have a free, bold and open character. I find that the Pembroke in general has a trusting and friendly way towards strangers while the Cardigan, without being aggressive, is more reserved and takes longer to trust in strangers. But this doesn't mean that the Cardigan is shy or nervous (which would be a weakness in character).


Sarah Taylor, 1996


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