Cardigan and Pembroke. They are not that different.

Here are several things that might be of interest to some people about our "both Corgis" family. I have had Pembrokes for 35 years now and the Cardigans for 18 years. I have found the Cardigan to be a more powerful Corgi than the Pembroke. Size really has nothing to do with it. I consider the Pembroke to be a "sprinter". If you watch the two together, which I do every day, you would see what I describe. Pembrokes are usually out in front on the mad dash (for whatever) but the Cardigan is right behind and still going when the Pembroke is ready to turn over control.

The living together temperament is interesting. Cardigans are slower to anger in a pack of dogs (my packs consist of only Cardigans and Pembrokes). Cardigans seem to get angry with Pembrokes when they become too busy and get in their faces. Pembrokes have difficulty with standing behind the Cardigan even as babies. Pembrokes want to be in front and they like to keep things rolling.

Cardigans have trouble with this as sometimes they just want to look around and evaluate the situation. My Pembrokes that have lived with Cardigans for a time respect them. And my Cardigans that have lived with the Pembrokes for a time learn to find a peaceful place of their own, in the house or in the yard. When they are babies they play well and I find that Pembrokes are kind of bossy to the Cardigans. Cardigans usually allow the Pembrokes to boss them until about 5-6 months old and then lessons are to be learned (the real world).

I find Cardigans enjoy their litter mates for a longer period of time and this can continue through their whole lifetime. I don't find this as common in the Pembroke (there's that bossy thing).

I have placed in companion homes many Pembrokes over the years and now many Cardigans. Both breeds are loving, devoted and wonderful friends for their families. Many families now have both from me and have had no complaints. They get along great together in companion situations. There is just enough difference in the two breeds to keep life interesting ...... and

shaking your head. They both can be clowns ..... and fun dogs.        

Gayle Garvin (Garvin Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgis), Centertown, MO, USA

January 2004

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