Sense of humour

In an article on "The Cardigan Welsh Corgi,  A "Yard-long dog" Thelma Gray, who was breeding both Cardigans and Pembrokes, writes:

"This breed is endowed with quite extraordinary intelligence. While they are cattle dogs by design, through instinct heeling up rough steers and, if required, mountin ponies, the breed adapts itself to moden times. Cardigans love to work, and will rapidly learn obedience competition exercises, or, in the home, enjoy performing all manner of tricks both useful and amusing.

Amusing is a good word to use because the "Cardie" has a remarkable sense of humour. On the whole, I would not say that this is a marked characteristic of his Pembrokeshire relation, and it is one thing that separates the two types. The Cardie has a real sense of fun. You can laugh at him, or with him, and he will join with you. A Pembroke Corgi can feel hurt and will slink away in high dudgeon in a situation duirng which a Crdigan will behave like a clown."


Published in the 1986 yearbook of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association of New South Wales, Australia.


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