Temperament of Cardigan and Pembroke Corgi

In Dog World of September 29, 1967 there was an interview conducted by Tom Horner with a panel of experts giving their views on the Cardigan Corgi. The experts were Mr J.E.J. Parkinson (Parmel); Mrs D. Albin (Hildenmanor); Miss S. Verity (Veritas); and Miss S.H. Godden (Kentwood).

Among many questions regarding the standard points Tom Horner also asked for the experts' opinion on the temperament:

Tom Horner: Nothing is said in the Standard about the temperament of the breed, how does this compare with the sharp and lively character of the Pembroke? Is the Cardigan a more staid character?

Dickie Albin – In my opinion, having bred Pembrokes and Cardigans for years my Pembrokes are complete extroverts, taking everything and everybody in their stride but the Cardigan requires a more formal introduction to people.

However, once having gained the confidence of a Cardigan you have a friend for life. They are certainly not so effusive as the Pembroke, but maybe their devotion goes deeper. I know my Cardigans would have defended me with their life. I do not know if I could say the same for the Pembroke. I feel they would be too busy showing the intruder "around the place".

Sally Verity – The temperament is entirely different. The Cardigan is wary and many people mistakenly take this as a sign of nervousness, this is not so. In its own environment the Cardigan is full of fun, energy and liveliness.

At shows he is usually on his best behaviour and appears docile. This is far from being true, he has a mind of his own and uses it.

Sonnica Godden – The Cardigan is equally as lively as the Pembroke and lacking none of the Pembroke's acuteness. He is an intelligent character anxious to be in on everything and missing nothing that goes on around him.

The Cardigan is very good natured, sensible and steady and one of the nicest dogs I have handled. He is discriminating and makes a loyal friend, is very biddable and easily trained.

J.E.J. Parkinson – The Cardigan has a temperament which is characteristic to the breed and quite different from that of the Pembroke as has been said. The Cardi is not usually the "hail fellow, well met" type but chooses his friends with a certain reserve and indeed one might say caution, in the initial stages.

Once a Cardi has made his friendship it is something which he will honour always and, while he may be somewhat indifferent to the passer by he will show unbounded enthusiasm and loyalty to those with whom he is acquainted.

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