Difference in temperament of Cardigan and Pembroke

When collecting material for an article on Cardigans working as therapy dogs I received quite a few responses and some of them also referred to the difference between Pembroke and Cardigan.

Jinnie Strickland (Solstice Shorthairs and Cardis), El Paso, TX:

"We are AKC k9 ambassadors and I do school programs. My Cardigan Stoney is great with kids. He is calmer than my friends' Pems and that makes it easier to work with him in the schools since he isn't so excited around the kids. We have done "meet the breeds" where we have both Pems and Cardis and it is always interesting to see how people react to the calmer Cardigan."

And Jinnie added the following comparison:

The Pem says: "Hey, glad to meet you! What's up? Let's go out and have a beer!"

The Cardi says: "How do you do, very nice to meet you. Can I get you something to drink?".

Bridget Smeeton (Rodwell Cardigans and Pembrokes), New Zealand
has  been visiting the geriatric ward at the local hospital and also a smaller retirement home with some of her Cardigans for over 10 years and she writes:

My Pembroke is also popular with some patients but tends to be a bit too enthusiastic for old people but is brilliant for visiting schools and children at kindergarten."


Anita Nordlunde

January 2004 

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