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All sketches and paintings on these pages 2004   Beatrice Quinio, France 

Cardicommentary is dedicated to the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

We are an international panel of Cardigan enthusiasts whose aim it is to provide a forum   where Cardigan fanciers from around the world can exchange knowledge, experience and viewpoints, providing available information on everything related to Cardigans.

Information will be provided as links to already existing information on the web, and as articles on this website.
DISCLAIMER...The appearance of any link or article here does not constitute endorsement or agreement by all of us. These articles are intended to be "food for thought," and to stimulate our continued reflection and discussion.

Cardicommentary will be continously under construction as we work to provide more links to available information, and to update the information already provided. We invite your comments and opinions.

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